My green, leafy friends..

My flat has a small balcony, which was barren and dry when we shifted here 3 months ago, except a soul mogra plant. Atleast, it looked like mogra. It wasn’t flowering. It looked dull and drab. I got it removed and started getting small, flowering plants from outside nurseries. I was determined to see the balcony blooming with bright flowers and fresh green leaves.

I am clueless about gardening. I have no idea about plants, their care, soil maintenance, etc. But I was determined to have my own little garden. Out of the 4/5 plants I would get from the nursery, one would die out. And I would feel really defeated.

I made it a point to have a look at them the first thing after getting up in thw morning and on reaching home after work. A single wilting leaf would also dishearten me.

My parental home has a lovely garden. Of course, there is a gardener to take care of it. The garden also doesn’t get strong sunlight throughout the day. Hence, the plants are protected from harsh sunlight and get just adequate sunlight. I brought over some plant cuttings from home and planted them here. But I am afraid! I hope the plants don’t die! With summers rapidly approaching, I am extremely paranoid about the life of my plants. Especially, the new additions to my lovingly made up garden. It would kill me to see them die on being brought to my home, when they were happy and healthy in my parents’ garden.

I remembered what my Aunt had told me some 3 years ago when I was staying alone. She asked me to get a small potted plant and nurture it. I wondered why she wanted me to do that.

Now I know. These plants feel like my own children. I want to see them grow into healthy, sturdy plants, which will not wilt because of harsh sunlight, but will continue to stand strong and spread beauty around them.


5 thoughts on “My green, leafy friends..

    • Thank u Sanjeevji.. I confess that some of the plants died down despite all the care and I replaced them. I do hope to become a better and better garden caretaker in days to come!

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  2. Nice try, very much appreciated in big cities where people are living in High rise flats and towers, greenery is possible but your efforts is necessary. i wish to make our India green by starting with my http;//

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