Random Thoughts

Work is really boring these days. There are some good phases (for reasons other than work) and horrible phases, too. Today, I am smiling a lot. Because I have got a start! My first ever article to get published on a public portal, that too under my own name. It’s a feeling of pride. I feel motivated and confident. And I have work to do now. My journey has begun.

Fighting the cold at work is quite a task. I am guessing the current temperature at my work place is 21 degree Celsius. The cold actually gets in your head. I have been getting a headache since the last 4-5 days. Not to mention the goose bumps. The AC room guy has stopped entertaining our request (read: orders) for increasing the temperature and has now begun to threaten us using the Factory Head’s name. It seems the sun is overly generous towards his cabin and these are his orders. To keep the temperature low, that is. Gosh. They want to kill us.

People around me can’t stop cribbing. I see everyone complaining around me. Someone has a problem in their pay slip. Someone can’t login on the employee portal. Someone wants some data from me. I really am not interested in any body’s problems. I really don’t feel any concern for them. What with the cold and my attention getting diverted towards reading and writing again and again, I find these complaining employees pests. Ok, their problems are genuine. Ok, I am the only one who can help them. Not the only one, the cursed one, rather. And sadly, it is my job to solve their problems. WHY IS IT MY JOB? WHY?

I registered on goodreads.com today with the name NS. Not because these are my initials, but because I am known as NS in my friend circle. I’ve always fancied having a nick name but never had one. How will I unless someone gives it me? Lovingly, maybe. Or just for fun, if not anything. Young girls often have an ‘outside name’ and a ‘home name’. Home names friendship_day_graphics_06are usually like Guddi or Sonu or Gattu ( I would have died if I had such a name). Or, short forms of their birth names like Ashu for Ashutosh. Some people go all the way to have 2 separate names as outside and home names. Maybe they had too many options of names and didn’t know which one to use. So they use one for home and one for outside. Alas, I had just one name which was too short to be modified into a nickname. And no one gave me a nick name – jokingly or lovingly. I feel happy now to have a nick name.

Guess who the latest popular pop star is – Justin Beiber. And not just among teenagers. Among workers, autowalahs and working class people too. A friend commented on FB that her auto guy was playing Justin Beiber. I see every other person’s ringtone being a Justin Beiber song. Well, good that Indians are going global but it really isn’t necessary to ape blindly.

I am back to the good old habit of reading. Had been unsuccessfully daring myself to begin Jeffrey Archer’s Only Time Will Tell since a month. I took the plunge on Sunday while coming back from home. I was determined not to touch the iPod and immersed myself in the book. Well, I developed interest in it. And read quite a bit of it yesterday (not without turning the pages randomly and reading the story ahead. Luckily, it wasn’t a spoiler; I can still read). It is still going to take some will power to continue with this habit and not give up (and not turn the pages out of impatience). Reading is a habit that one should never give up.


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