Weekend’s here!

The much awaited weekend’s here, giving solace to us 6-day working poor souls. 5.5, really. Means the same. Because by the time Friday comes, we are drained and looking forward only to the weekend (whatever of it we get, that is).

So what do people do on weekends? Sleep and laze? Cleaning up of their homes? That’s more like me. Complete all pending house work? That’s me, again. Go out with friends? Shopping? Go travelling? Ah. I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, 1.5 days of the weekend is just not enough. Plus, we do not have places nearby where we can go.

I have a long to-do list for this weekend (because I am so ridiculously bent on using all the time at home fruitfully and not watch movies and sleep). Here’s my list:

  • Work on my collage, which is just 10% complete till now. Started it almost a month ago. Gosh, that’s really lazy of me.
  • Make my family’s July Singapore-Cambodia trip itinerary. Now, I’m really excited about it. More than them, actually.
  • Write some stuff. There’s one write-up which I particularly wanted to write only when I visit home.
  • We are going through maid-less days since 2 months (she’s gone off because her daughter is getting married. Or grand-daughter. Someone). We all know how important the maid is in Indian households. And so, I will be washing vessels and clothes. The laundry basket is full. It’s a wonder why I never work when Mum is around and like now, when she isn’t here, I take full charge! Ya, Mum’s gone to Bombay for a week.
  • Watch FRIENDS!
  • Compile my Australia souvenirs. Will be making a scrapbook on my Aus trip.

I’m just devouring the Sewayi Kheer Mum’s made and stocked in the fridge. That’s my Saturday snack. Yummy. And then I begin with my list.

I wonder how much of the list I really will be able to complete, considering that I sleep till 1:00 pm on Sunday!

But then I need to start somewhere. So, here I go!


2 thoughts on “Weekend’s here!

  1. cool that u have a to do list for sunday. Though I used to plan for my weekend activities I never stick on to those instead I sleep the whole weekend off. lemme also try jotting down my activities for the next weekend.

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