A storm of a day

Oof. My day couldn’t be more hectic. I don’t feel tired; I feel DEAD! There’s salary and there’s routine issues and there’s training the trainees and there’s appraisals and there are the mails to respond to immediately. Through I didn’t do much in the first half (that is my daily aim – get everything done with least efforts) but the second half was like a cyclone! There wasn’t time to breathe! Boss must have called me a 100 times for something or the other. People resign and want to go immediately. I couldn’t even read travel blogs today!

I haven’t been writing anything since the last 2 days. My focus has shifted to photography (lol. Me and my shifting focuses). I have been trying to figure out Adobe Photoshop – download it and try it. It has only given me headaches, let alone gorgeous snaps. So I think I will stick to writing and gorgeous snaps can follow!

It is fun seeing Surat with a tourist’s eye. There are the markets and the ruins and the old houses and temples. Yes, there is still a lot to see in Surat, I if I am not travelling around much. Speaking of which, I am travelling! Yippie! Calcutta in August – that’s the agenda. I am travelling with E to her place. A new place to explore, new people to meet, new markets to see and new variety of food to eat. I am so, so excited. We have done our bookings and planning in detail – day wise schedules have been made about where we will go and eat. Eat! If I’m not wrong Calcutta is a heaven for food and I’m going to bask in its splendor!

We saw the Dutch Cemetery on Saturday and then woke up early morning on Sunday (Imagine! Early morning ON A SUNDAY!) and went to see the sunrise on ONGC bridge and Damka village. That was such a fun experience. Totally what I have imagined it to be. I was just disappointed by the snaps I took. Did I think I had suddenly become a good photographer? Aah. Maybe yes. And thus followed my quest of understanding Photoshop. Perhaps it’s going to take time and I should just keep learning and reading and practicing. And there’s the whole world to use as subjects!

I haven’t shopped since.. I dunno.. ages! With all the tension at work and of writing and learning and reading stuff and exercising, do I need to reward myself with some shopping? Maybe just a t-shirt? Or a  tiny Body Shop body butter? Or just a a teeny-weeny earring? 😛


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