Skin care for working girls!

We all want a glowing skin. Haven’t I glowed even more when a junior colleague asked me what I did with my skin because it keeps glowing – even in the humid, monsoon season. Yet, we don’t take efforts on our skin because we are so busy. A face wash and a moisturizer seem to be good enough. Maybe some sunscreen. Nope. It takes a bit more and that’s hardly any efforts for the good results you will get.


I have been reading and experimenting with different home remedies and improving my skin care regime regularly. After practicing stuff for some 5 years, I can boast of a glowing, healthy skin. I don’t consider these efforts because I thoroughly enjoy the routine and I am still hungry to learn more on skin care. I love the feel of fruits and other cool, natural ingredients on my skin and how my skin feels after I wash off.

© Use a good, not-so-harsh face wash (something that doesn’t use too many chemicals) every morning. I’ll go in for any Body Shop face wash, Strawberry face wash by Jovees or Biotique face cleanser soap. I’ve use all of these and found these to be kind on skin. Even if you have oily skin, do not use face washes made especially for oily skin (Tea Tree oil ones. They are nothing but harsh chemicals that snatch away your skin’s natural moisture along with the excess oil and grime.

© A light moisturizer during the day. For a tropical country like India (whereimage we are daily subjected to dust, heat and humidity) a light moisturizer is the best. I vote for Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer with in-built sunscreen. It is odourless, non-sticky and light. ALWAYS moisturize your skin after washing.

© Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing should be your daily evening mantra. Use a deep cleansing lotion to clean your skin after work (using a cotton ball/pad), apply a light toner and a good moisturizer (my favourite night creams are Johnson’s Baby cream, Nivea cold cream, Body Shop Vitamin E cream and Biotique Morning Nectar). This is the best time for the skin to rejuvenate with the help of creams.

© Drink lots of water. They don’t say this again and again for no reason. Lack of water makes your skin dull. Water also washes away all the toxins and keeps your skin pure. Avoid oily / fried food; they give acne.

© Sunday routine: scrubbing. Use a scrub on your face once a week. To me, Sunday suits. Try the Body Shop scrubs. They come in sweet and refreshing imagefragrances like moringa (what I am using currently), lemon, cocoa butter, pink grapefruit, etc. I haven’t been able to find better scrubs than these. Scrubbing removes the dead cells and polishes your skin to leave it silky and fresh. You can almost feel your skin breathe!

© Use a natural face mask / ingredients on your skin at least twice a week. For almost 4 years of my graduation / post graduation time, I have used the gram flour + turmeric +milk face mask. Now, I use honey instead of milk. Mix gram flour and a little turmeric in an air-tight container. Just take half a spoonful in your hand, whenever you want to use it, drop in some honey / milk, mix it and Voila! Your face mask is ready!

Another good face mask is banana, oats and honey. For shortcuts, try tomatoes, papaya or banana on your face. Take out one piece to apply on your face and eat up the rest! Tomato and papaya are good for oil balancing whereas banana moisturizes.

© Wash your face often during the day. For office goers, this is a must. Our skin is subjected to alternate exposure to sun and the air conditioning. Makes ourimage skin sticky and oily, which dust and grime love. Wash your face with plain water twice or thrice and use a face wash (followed by a light moisturizer, of course) once during the day.

© Exercise. Let your skin sweat. This releases toxins and helps your skin breathe. Any sort of exercise, jogging (my fav), gym, skipping, cycling or aerobics, will do the trick. This is one important tool of leaving your skin young.

© Cover up your face with a scarf or dupatta every time you step out of home to avoid contact with smoke and dust.

© Lastly, be happy. Be happy with what you are, constantly keep learning and improving. Do not hold regrets in life. The self assurance and the inner peace reflects on your face too!

You have to take out some time to take care of your skin. If you don’t, who will do it for you? The results will be so satisfying that you’ll start loving it. Believe me. So, try for sure!

Look Beautiful! Be Beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Skin care for working girls!

    • Hi Celazome. At night I just ensure I clean my face, apply a a good cream before sleeping and drink lots of water. That’s good enough!

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