Of Mangoes And Rains

You know Summers are here when you see mangoes around. We had Aam Ras and Puri in our office canteen today and I am immediately transported back to my childhood. Mango Srikhand, Mango milkshakes and Mango juice – Summers are surely here! I totally enjoyed this famous, evergreen Gujju speciality at work today and am asking Mum to make this next time I visit home. Hhmm, I can already smell fresh Puris being fried at home!

Is it possible to maintain multiple focuses in life and pay equal attention to all of them? Well, I think, I have had a difficulty with this. Over the years, I have seen my focus shift from passion to passion, my preferences changing every now and then. It was perhaps because I had yet not understood myself fully and was still evolving. I am finally settling down to what I really love doing. And I can see why I like doing it. These are exactly what I used to dream about in my childhood days. I used to cook up stories in my mind, I dreamt of travelling to foreign places, I visualized myself as a good cook, making new dishes, I thought of having a lovely garden; I imagined beautiful photographs and so on. I see all that coming true now. Travelling, writing, meeting new people, cooking, gardening – these are some of the passions I have developed over the recent few years and I am still evolving on others. Some, like music and skin / hair care, have become my passions without me realizing it.

Sometimes I am focusing too much on only one thing and ignore the rest. The time when I was obsessed with losing the excess belly fat (though I look really skinny and bony, I have some fat where it shouldn’t be), whole day iw as reading on healthy diet and exercising. With the limited time I had after work, I only did things like make green tea, pack dry fruits and multi grain biscuits for work, etc. The focus soon shifted to travel writing. Then, to photography and learning photo editing softwares. And back to writing only to realize that I’ve been over eating AGAIN and have become clumsy and lazy. I am no longer jogging and doing yoga regularly. This isn’t right. There has to be a balance towards everything if we want to have a satisfying, fulfilling day.

Speaking of summers, the rains are already here! I was up on my building terrace doing yoga early in morning some days back, when I saw thick, dense black clouds passing by and I wondered – are monsoons here already?


The clouds few days back


The dense clouds passed up dropping a few drops of water

2 days of sweltering heat followed. We reached office sweating today and before we knew, it was dark outside, followed by stormy winds and now rains.


The view of fresh rains from office window

It’s a passing shower and they say, after the pre-monsoon showers, it becomes hotter! So, though we are rejoicing now, we brace ourselves for the heat to come with even more vengeance. There won’t be dust flying around for some time now. I’m happy about that. My plants will flourish even more. I can think of getting some creepers now.

Yet another weekend is round the corner. Gosh! How I have waited desperately for it! If this fantastic weather continues, this one’s going to be a blast! My dinner last night consisted of only 3 tomatoes because I know that I’m going to hog for the coming 2 days!


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