Have you ever gone through a moment when everything changes and you suddenly see light ahead? I have felt it. A dying plant in my balcony garden indicated my failure in protecting a life. I had got this plant cut out from my parents’ home and planted it in my garden. I realized after a few weeks that I hadn’t planted it properly and the roots hadn’t grown. And this was the reason why it seemed to be drying. I replanted it properly and watered it regularly. It seems such plants need more water than mud or fertilisers. It still didn’t show any hope of revival. I didn’t have the heart to take it out of my garden and discard it. And then a miracle happened. I saw tiny spurts of tiny bright green leaves on the bottom portion of the stem. My heart soared. The plant lived. I did not let it die.

DSC00699 DSC00701

 DSC00685 DSC00683

And then developed a new faith in faith.  A good friend of mine always says – the world lives on faith. It is true, I realize. Believe. Have faith. Move ahead with hope. Wishes do come true, prayers do get fulfilled if you have faith. Have faith in yourself, in goodness, in kindness and your heart. Don’t give up on faith. If you do, you probably give up on yourself, which just isn’t fair.

Believe. Miracles do happen


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