Rains – The way I look at it.

Though not a big fan of rains (if I have to go out in the rain), I think rains are beautiful. The make trees look greener, flowers look fresher and everything looks more colourful as if someone has given photo effects to the whole earth and made it’s colours more saturated.

Rain drops look beautiful on almost anything – flowers, leaves, railings, glass, roof, a child’s face. While driving by on NH-8, my heart smiled looking at the clean & bright views outside.


I sometimes find rains depressing. I hate long, loud spells of rain. It scares me.


Whenever it rains while I am at work, I look outside the wide glass window behind me and sigh – I wish I wasn’t at work right now, that’s what I think. I like the cool, fresh air that comes along with rain. Not to mention the fragrance of unsullied wet earth. I like the various forms and colour the fluffy clouds take up and I like the slow, musical sound rain drops make after rain has stopped.

I do not like the mess, humidity, insects and slush that rains brings with itself. I hate to get my feet wet while I am out. Imagine having to sit in an air conditioned offer with your feet and/or clothes wet!

Mountains are the best place to be during rains. Driving uphill, being surrounded by trees and cool winds is like being in heaven.



(On way to Lonavala. All pics taken from the car)

It is September already. Rains will soon give way to winters. I know how much ever I despise going out in the rain, I will miss it.


Tell me your views..

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