10 Day You Challenge: Ten Secrets


I saw this interesting thing on Psych Babbler’s blog (a blog I quite like!) and thought why not take it up! It would make an exciting piece to write on. And given that its writing about your own self, would it be difficult?

So, here come my 10 secrets:

1. I am extremely emotional: This isn’t exactly a secret. I can cry with just an emotional thought, which needn’t even be a reality. I get upset quickly. I feel a lot and get hurt every now & then.

2. I daydream a lot: This isn’t new. I have been doing it since childhood. I tend to build stories in my mind, involving myself, mostly, visualize incidents and imagine crazy stuff generally. I am known to have a wild imagination and I am capable of imagining ridiculous, wacky and illogical stuff.

3. I am the jealous & possessive type: I get jealous so quickly! Of the girl having a better figure than mine, of the girl having a boyfriend and of the girl having shiny hair. Generally of everyone who has something that I don’t. I have some very special people in my life and hate to share them with others. They are MINE and ONLY mine. Rawwrrr!!

4. I can be a sadist: Whoa! Did I just say that? Since I am the jealous and possessive type, I do get some sense of contentment when I see a ‘rival’ in pain. Don’t misjudge me! I would never hurt anyone without any reason but those naughty green devils of jealousy keep playing pranks now and then.

5. I know more about people than they think they do: I observe. I overhear. I see and I hear. I don’t do these consciously. I just do. Subconsciously. And I realize I know a lot about people – their break-ups and affairs. Reasoning and attitude. Fears and behaviours. Nothing escapes my eye.

6. I have freckles: on my face and I totally hate them. But I refuse to go through any treatment to get rid of them.

7. I love collecting things: Pens, scarves, lotions, soft toys, craft items, gift wrappers, clothes, shoes, bags, earrings. I may not use them much later on. I may forget about them after the initial excitement of purchase. I may not even need them. But I want them. I want them around me.

8. I procrastinate a lot: I don’t know where my money goes. I am very lazy about doing important, boring stuff like filling forms, paying bills, collecting receipts and keeping track of my bank accounts, etc. Vital jobs like getting the car serviced, paying bills on time and purchasing necessary things often doesn’t appear on my to-do list.

9. I get nightmares almost every night: Maybe I am mentally disturbed or just hyper. I get bad dreams almost every night. Unknown people and places. I am either flying with no control over myself or I am running away from someone (someone I obviously don’t know). Dingy lanes and dirty walls. I often get up very disturbed and confused.

10. I am very stubborn: my parents have given up on me many, many years back because they know I will only do what’s been made up in my mind and nothing and no one can change it. I maybe fickle minded and may change choices quickly but only if I want to.

Errr. Did I just manage to come on some of yours hate lists?



12 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge: Ten Secrets

    • That’s so nice of you. I really didn’t think there was any harm in admitting what was true. I am yet to post 9, 8, 7 and so on. Will come soon!!

  1. My ten secrets are:
    – I am a shopaholic..
    -I am a good planner but not a good executor
    -I am introvert but no one know this fact
    -I get along well with everyone but don’t trust so easily
    -Always double minded
    -I also have Freckles, hate them too
    -I hate medicines & doctors. Never disclose my health problem just to avoid this.
    -not disciplined at all
    -short tempered
    -get bored very easily. cant stick to one thing for long..!!
    Cant believe i wrote this 🙂
    But i am like this only..

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