Me & My Homes: Part 4–Moving To Baroda

My first reaction, on being informed that I need to move to Baroda, was ecstasy. I indeed was very happy about the possibility of staying in Baroda. Baroda happens to be a medium sized cosmopolitan city. It may not be a very rich place but it is intellectually and culturally advanced. I am quite familiar with Baroda and know what’s in store for me there. I will be able to wear whatever I want there; I needn’t worry about rowdy, rich spoilt brats giving flirty, raunchy looks to me everywhere in theatres and malls. I will get global non vegetarian food there. I will be able to take classes and attend workshops on various subjects. I can get lost in the various book stores there. Not to mention the old houses and walls spread throughout the city. I know Baroda is going to delight me.

Life will be good except the starting-from-all-over-scratch thing. I will have to go through the dreaded house hunting process. Get bare minimum but comfortable furniture. Get a trustworthy maid, probably the most challenging task. Get settled at the new office – new work station, new people, new surroundings. But overall, I looked forward to it.

While I was all excited about exploring a new city and learning new things there, the reality of leaving Surat and its bequests behind struck me. I will have to leave behind my friends, my dear colleagues and my house here. Ok, it is a company house but I made it my own by customizing it and making it look like a home, not just a house. What about the plants which I so lovingly grew and nourished all these months? What will happen to them? Who will take care of them? What about the origami butterflies? Do I take them / leave them back here? What about this little wax painting on my cupboard? And this doughnut that hangs on the mirror? Do I strip these walls of all my prized possessions and take them along with me or leave them around for the future occupant of my bed, who may or may not respect or like these?

IMG00579-20110330-2149             IMG00037-20110905-2128

I remember how excited I was when I was about to shift to Surat. I was so eager to make friends and to stay at my own place. I am going through the same excitement right now – of seeing new things around me and making new friends. I am looking forward to getting a cute small apartment to myself which I can decorate with pictures of my family and colourful decorations. I am excited about setting up the kitchen and put up bright curtains up. I would love to have a bean bag and a swing too.

My movement has been stalled for some time as it is dependent on certain events which may happen soon or after couple of months. There always comes a point in life, relation or a place when you know that you are done with it. I guess, that’s what I feel about Surat now. I am done with it. However important this phase has been for me and how much ever I will want to come back to visit my current home later on, I am willing to try and explore a new city. And Baroda is totally worth it.


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