Just Go For It

Life gives us new experiences every day. Every time you stumble upon something new, something you have never done / seen before, you are learning something additional. You are made more learned / experienced than the day before. Though we are afraid of stepping into an unknown area (I definitely am. I always dread anything new coming up), it can actually turn into a fun, knowledgeable or adventurous journey. For all you know, you’ll probably develop a new hobby, make new friends and also become more confident of yourself. Confidence is one thing this process will definitely do.

I remember my trip to Pattaya 4.5 years ago. The thought of Paragliding scared me. I will fall. I will get hurt. I won’t be able to follow the technique. I will make a fool of myself. These thoughts crossed my mind. I saw other people doing it and also observed what they answered when nervous people like me asked them – how was it? And most of them said – it was fun. When the moment came when I reached the platform, within seconds the gear was put on me and before I knew it I was up in air. It was almost like being in heaven. I landed back on earth (!!!) much happier and confident. Next came the underwater walk. An oxygen mask is put on your head and you go below the water. Of course, a guide will walk you around. When I was supposed to go in water, I freaked out. I clung on to the boat railing, with panic in my eyes. A boat man pushed my head in water. I was so scared I couldn’t even scream. Below water, I was in heaven again! The only fear was of fish getting inside my long, wide shorts which were bloating up underwater! Nevertheless, I was happy when I came out and till today I boast about the underwater walk adventure.

Our daily life brings in new adventures everyday in the form of a new food dish, a new work assignment or a new social gathering. If you take me for example, any work assignment of an unknown area will immediately scare me. Even before attempting, I get the feeling that it’s going to be difficult and I will fail in it. This fear not only makes me delay the initiative of attacking it but also keeps me feeling uncertain for a long time. When I have overcome the initial discomfort, I have often guided others into the process.

I am now in the process of shifting cities. The only hassle I see is house hunting. Oh yes, I have plans of doing up my new place, shopping and cooking but the house is still not found. I have never looked for houses before. Never needed to. Previously, I have either stayed with relatives or got an immediate reference of a PG or hostel, got into one and stayed there. This is like starting from scratch. I have been telling friends and colleagues to let me know if they know of a house or forward agents’ numbers to me. I’ve put my father, friends and colleagues on the job! After a month, when I would have found a house (hopefully) and set it up (that’s no joke, either), I can help someone else hunt for a place and settle down. I will know about one more thing in a month’s time. Which is good, you know.

I tell myself again and again not to lose confidence and take on everything that comes bravely. Yet, I falter every time. It is time to change! Ok, so i hereby make a resolution – not to let anything or anyone scare me.

Did you go through such instances too when you felt unsure and hesitant? Share your experiences with me!


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