A New Red Car Is In Town

I have friends over at home. Friends and friends’ friends. I have let them praise the way I have decorated this house and have glowed in pride. I’ve had the most delicious breakfast in a quaint, cosy joint with a dear friend. I have worn good clothes and my new shoes. I am now letting sun shine in through my window and balcony giving me comfort against my cold and sinus. I am listening to the pleasant sound of wind chimes in the quiet of this Sunday afternoon.

A Sunday couldn’t have been better than this and there is still half of it left.




When I was new to Baroda, I was almost intimidated by the people and the place. I had not brought my car here. So I was forced to face the whims and fancies of the auto guys. The office was new. The people were new. I was struggling to set basic things at home – the maid, groceries, house cleaning items, dinner arrangement, etc. I did not know my way around the city. I wondered how I would be able to do all that I had so enthusiastically planned.




But things changed soon. I credit it all to my initiative and enthusiasm. I quickly settled in at home and went on to decorate it. I made new friends and invited old friends over. I scouted for interesting art and culture related exhibitions, fairs and shows and attended them with interested friends. I accepted invitations from likeminded people who wanted to try out new restaurants. My red car and I can be seen on the roads regularly.

I don’t like being alone in this house. I like having people over. All of us sprawl around in the spacious living room and dining area, on the big, cosy sofa or the navy blue woven rug or the chocolate coloured bean bag, chatting up. When I am amidst good people in my own home, I feel most content and think – ah. This is life. Every weekend, someone or the other has been dropping over and I have been playing the good host, enjoying every bit of it.



Since I have consciously shifted my focus away from my corporate day job to anything interesting that might catch my eye, I am realizing that there is a whole world out there to explore. There are so many people to be met and understood. There are so many things to be learnt. I try to enrich each week by doing / seeing something new. I attended a Sufi concert. I joined the gym (not because I needed to lose weight but because I wanted to know what it was all about). I tried 2 new restaurants and some more are lined up. I visited 2 craft fairs and bought regional handloom products to decorate my house with.

Among everything rosy, is the windy cold of Baroda which is driving me crazy. Work stress, combined with the low temperature, has made me feverish and given me a running nose. I cannot bear cold. It handicaps me; paralyzes my brain; renders me incapable of doing anything. The very thought of going out anywhere in the cold demotivates me from doing so. I am desperately waiting for cold to reduce.

In the meantime, there is always something new happening everyday. A new restaurant has been discovered. Must go there sometime. Meetings with more friends is lined up this month. A group of college boys play guitar and sing in the car parking area in evenings. Think I’ll join them sometime.



7 thoughts on “A New Red Car Is In Town

  1. My family has recently set up home in Baroda.Being an avid blog surfer from Mumbai, I was glad to stumble across your blog. Apart from some relatives I do not know anyone else in this city. So as of now, you are my first virtual acquaintance.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Welcome to Baroda! I will be starting a section called Baroda Diaries in my blog. Will send u the link soon. Happy to help 🙂

    • Hey Sarita. Check out my other blog where I write about happenings in Baroda city. travelrage.wordpress.com. This will act like an introduction for you of the city 🙂

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