5 Things I Would Save In Case Of A Fire

In the morning, a flash thought struck my mind. If my house caught fire or an earthquake occurred, and I had to pick up my priciest possessions before rushing out of the house, what would they be? This is indeed a very difficult decision because I am possessive about every damn thing I own – my shoes, my bags, my hair clips, my utensils, my doormat, my photo frames and my clothes. How can I just pick a few? And, whether it really would be possible to think clearly and quickly during such an emergency situation, is another question altogether.

Still, here are the things I would never leave behind:

1. My laptop: The laptop is a store of thousands of memories, aka, photographs. Also the stories and blogs written by me. And music! Songs that I have conscientiously collected over the years. Since I am so fond of music, I would get hold of my laptop and hold it close to my heart.

2. My handbag: My handbag is another store of assorted useful items and items I am very fond of – wallet, my iPod, my camera, my internet banking numbers, some old photographs, my driving licence (the only government photo ID I carry), my lip balm (something I can’t do without) and a whole lot of cosmetics like lip glosses and face wash. I feel comfortable when all of this is available at my disposal.


3. My Blackberry: I’d rather die than part with this prized possession. My 2 year old Blackberry is how I stay connected with my precious friends and family members and relatives. My life is empty without my friends and well wishers and so, I would feel soulless without the Blackberry.


4. Some shoes: I don’t know which. I have over 35 pairs of shoes stored in different ways – some lined up on the floor, some in boxes on the loft and some in the laundry basket. And I LOVE all of them. I refuse to part with any of them. Some may be old but they are in very good condition and I don’t have the heart to discard them or give them to the maid. I will probably pick up a handful of the ones that are in easy access. The Catwalk brown boots, the blue-green chappals from Linking road, the golden Catwalk chappals,to name a few!


5. My microwave: I know, I know, it is impossible to carry a microwave (AND a laptop), especially when you are panic-stricken by an earthquake or a fire. I have been using my parents’ old Kenwood microwave since last one and a half years. They got this from Germany in 2000 and it is still in perfect condition. Ahem.. I can’t cook. Whatever little I can, is made in the microwave. My breakfast today is made in it every day by me – noodles, egg fry, hot milk, etc. Without it, I would have to stay hungry. I have become heavily dependent on it.


I have this bad habit of collecting things – everything from hairbands and shampoos to stationery and soft toys. Every time I shift houses, I find it necessary to have ALL of it with me. I don’t discard them nor do I leave them behind. But when I have had to live in scarcity temporarily (like the initial few days of shifting in Baroda) when I didn’t have all my possessions with me, I realized that it IS possible to survive very comfortably with the basic stuff and the rest, cluttering up the house, is just what it causes – clutter.

So, what are your 5 things?


3 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Save In Case Of A Fire

  1. you know…i thought about it yesterday evening…and the answers were so boring that i did’nt feel i could do justice in a post…so here they go:

    1. My phone – as u might have observed or rather i have shared- I have become addicted to my phone, especially after I have installed net in it…from time to time, I have the compulsion to check it and i sort of feel incomplete without it. The day I left it at home – I was like – really uncomfortable till I managed to get it by noon!!

    2. My car key – since this year, my biggest buy was the car and my biggest skill learnt was driving thus my car keys 🙂

    3. My wallet- has the essentials- money, debit cards, diriving license and the works…

    4. A pair of shoes- since that is a inbuilt habit to change from my house slippers to the footwear which is available outside (something without heels as it would be practical :P)

    5. i thought and i thought and i thought – and came with no other answer..Maybe the latest book Im reading- if it is really interesting and I NEED to know the end!

    but u right on the clutter part…amusingly that is what i also thought of yday evening…infact it gives me the fodder for a post…..so I shall FINALLY WRITE it ..thanks for inspiring me !

  2. I just wish you could save all those precious things of yours whenever any disaster hits your place. Infact i pray no such disaster happens and you always be happy with your lovely things with you.

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