10 Day You Challenge–9 Loves

Hhmm. So I have successfully revealed my darker side by disclosing some secretsabout me. Thank God, the game asks for only 10 secrets or I would have managed to come into several black lists and it would also have become dangerous to share my blog with people I know. Can secrets be good? Why would you hide something if it is good? And then it will no longer remain a secret, right? Secrets are always bad; something that you don’t want the world to know.

Let’s write about some good stuff. The 9 loves of my life. Now this is going to be difficult. How can one choose just9?

Here it goes:

1. Chocolates: Wait. I’ll call it, food. I am a foodie and can munch on almost anything. Food makes me greedy and weak. I cannot resist most food items – milkshakes, spring rolls, mangoes, chicken, pastries or biscuits. Almost everything. I get strong cravings for chocolates, spicy non vegetarian food and coffee. I am already drooling.

2. Aditi: She is my 14 year old cousin. Read all about her here. I can go on and on about her. To sum it up, she is one of the most special people in my life because of the unique bond that we have developed over the last 10 years.

3. Music: I am crazy about music. A wide range of music. I put on music even before brushing teeth in the morning. I am THAT crazy. I dance at my work desk when I listen to Tai Tai Phis on my Ipod. I dance in the car when I am listening to Lady Gaga’s Monster. I do the catwalk when I listen to Mar jawaan. Music is in my heart and soul.

4. Writing: I have always used writing as a method of venting out. I wrote how my day went. I wrote about my deepest fears and dreams. Then I wrote stories. Stories my imaginative mind weaved for me. I wrote from the heart. And still do.

5. Walking: I prefer walking to talking the car. Anyway. I look for ways to ditch the car and walk. I can walk, walk, walk.

6. Travel: Wow. The very prospect of travel has made me ecstatic in the past. The first seed of the idea usually leads to very enthusiastic planning and preparation involving my entire social circle. It is my dream to see the world. Though I have a long way to go, I feel proud of having travelled to several places on my own.

7. Gladiator Sandals: I have developed a recent liking towards ankle length gladiator sandals. As opposed to stilettos, which are too feminine, or sneakers, which are too casual, I think gladiators are smart and sexy. My subconscious love for them has already earned me 4 such pairs in different colors and patterns.

8. Wind chimes: I love the sound of wind chimes. When I bought my first wind chimes and hung it outside the window, after a careful search throughout the house to decide which location gets the best wind, I waited for the wind to move the chimes so that I could hear the melodious tinkling sound. Baroda is at its cold windy best and I love to fall asleep with the jingle of wind chimes.

9. Dancing: Maybe music and dance go together. I danced to garba tunes during my childhood and won prizes. I danced in all dance functions in school and won prizes. I was virtually on the stage all through the years. I danced to dhol beats during Ganapathi Sthapna and Visarjan. My favourites are desi dance item numbers like Munni Badnaam & Morni Baaga Maa. It is difficult for me to not dance when I hear such catchy Indian girly songs. If you notice carefully, my feet would be tapping lightly. Subconsciously!


3 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge–9 Loves

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  2. Nice 🙂

    My nine loves in random order:

    1. Chocolate (a reason Im fat :()
    2. Books
    3, Writing
    4. Movies
    5. Dancing
    7. Conversations
    8. Family (only immediate :P)
    9. Close friends

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