The Downside Of Being Disciplined

I don’t remember watching movies / series on my laptop since ages. I have tonnes of them downloaded (because I like collecting things) but do not watch them simply because I feel watching movies is a waste of time. There are more productive things to be done like reading, blogging or learning something new. I adopted this belief around a year ago when I started serious blogging. I got obsessed with becoming a better blogger (which is my goal even today), improve my writing and photography skills, learn photo editing softwares and read other blogs to learn new things. In addition, I also started focusing on fitness, gardening, craft and cooking (lol! Rather, learning cooking!).

I started disliking my corporate job more and more and visualized myself being an entrepreneur / full-time blogger some day. This made me even more ambitious. Like an ambitious person at corporate ignores his / her social / leisure life and spends more and more time at work, I spend less time doing leisure activities like watching movies or going out. Another collateral damage that comes out of it is my relations with friends. I do not have time to talk to friends after work. That is the time I should be giving them time but that time is taken up my other ‘productive’ activities. A day spent without writing anything or reading is considered as a futile day.

The house has to be sorted each day. A few chapters of the book have to be ready each day. Some post has to be written each day. Networking with other bloggers has to be done each day. Some unknown area has to be learnt each day. Exercise hasto happen every alternate day. With all this and the day job, where is the time to talk to friends, go to the mall or watch movies?

I wonder if being disciplined and being serious go together. We read in books and watch in movies that discipline-is-a-must type people are always hated and in the end transformed into fun-loving ones by carefree, larger-than-life people (Khoobsoorat?). I still do not think just fun is good enough. Life cannot be spent just in fun. We ought to grow and learn things. At the end of the one life that we’ve got, we must feel satisfied and content with what we have done / seen / experienced / lived.

At the end of my life, I would measure the success of my space, my tenure in this world by the number of friends I have earned, number of people whose life I have touched, places I have seen, beautiful things I have created and goals I have achieved.

If you want to achieve something, how big or small it is, there has to be some discipline, some consciousness of time. But it is also not good to let discipline make you serious. It’s good to let your hair down sometimes.

And now let’s see how much of this self-made approach do I follow!


3 thoughts on “The Downside Of Being Disciplined

  1. ‘When we look back, we will not remember at the nights and days we spent sleeping!!’
    Agree completely to your post.

    Discipline is being diligent enough to pursue your interests, hobbies, duties, passion etc. Taking the cue from ‘Khoobsurat’ although being care-free at times, whenever the time came she turned out to be most diligent and disciplined lady. The movie tells you to strike a balance.

    Being relaxed and taking your mind off things is a necessity. It is perfectly natural to let your hair down at times. Working towards your goal after relaxing a bit brings out the best in you and will give you a fresh perspective. Even NDA cadets have a day off .. lol..

    It is imperative not to lose focus at any time which is what will bring you closer to your goal..


  2. Hello NS. My blog was just approved by N yours is the first blog i decided to read! Its been worth it!

    Phew! Wish I could be as ambitious as you are. Wish I could be as compulsive a blogger as you are. I’ve tried to do “one post a day” , but the highest I’ve reached is 3 continuous days of blogging. I agree with you that one has got to be disciplined. But when it is writing, painting, creatingmusic, one can’t enforce things through discipline always. As it is based on inspiration. On many days , u might not find any inspiration.

    About the part where you said life is not for fun and frolic, I differ just a bit with you. One can have all the fun one wants when one is doing what one was meant to. (consider a full time writer). But unfortunately, we all end up doing stuff we don’t enjoy. Thats when we start to seek fun through hobbies. For me blogging is one such hobby. Slowly m becoming compulsive. Like you I dream of being a full time writer/blogger some day.
    Very well written post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey. I am indeed touched by your gesture! I still consider myself a beginner at writing / blogging, however i may be fond of it. so your appreciation means a lot! Thanks..

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