When I Lost My Sweetheart

Yes, we are dependent on our mobile phones today. We need them to remember birthdays, to wake up on time, stay in touch with friends & relatives, check mails, share photos and make our lives more exciting and simple using innovative applications. And not some ordinary mobile phone. But a smart phone.

Talking about dependency, I went a way ahead and was addicted to my Blackberry. I was constantly glued to it – chatting with friends simultaneously on BBM, Gtalk & Watsapp, sharing jokes and pictures, checking out Facebook, mails, etc. I used it all the time irrespective of what I was going and where I was – in the mall shopping, at somebody’s house socializing, at a restaurant with friends, while driving – ALL the time. I could navigate around it blindfolded.

And now I’ve lost it. I have lost my most prized, close-to-heart possession. I have been heavily relying on it since the last 2 years. I lost it because of a silly, careless move of mine. When I came to know it was gone, I knew it would never be back.

I have lost all numbers (why have I discontinued my habit of writing down numbers in my tiny phone book! Yes, I do carry a PHONE BOOK but it doesn’t contain much), did not know how to contact my colleagues and friends and did not know how I was going to get up on time the next day.

I luckily had my old Nokia 6300 instrument and could start using it immediately (on getting a new sim card). I will have to learn to live without Gtalk, FB, BBM and Watsapp. No instant exchange of mails. No instant sharing of photos and dirty jokes either.

Friends and family have been cajoling me into buying a new Blackberry. Oh, prices have reduced for sure. But no, I insist on using this tiny simple phone. I really miss my old phone and want it back but I ain’t buying another one. It’s almost like heartbreak. Thought I miss my own Blackberry a lot I cannot think of buying another one because I want the same thing back. No other can replace it. I’d rather be without a phone. Friends say ‘Oh, you’ll get over it soon. Maybe you can buy another one once you are done with the grieving’.

But look at the good. I no longer go through the anxiety of checking for notifications on my phone all the time – notifications that did not demand instant attention but I used to leave everything to check on the blinking red light. I can again attempt writing. Like, really writing with a pen. You won’t believe it, I cannot write. My fingers pain and you cannot read what I’ve written. Friends will find a way to stay in touch.

This incident has taught me, rather, confirmed 2 of my beliefs.

The importance of friends. My friends have been connected to me through more than one means. So if one is lost, I still have other means of reaching them. And not just a few selected ones, but ANYONE – from school, from work, from neighbourhood, from family. I could have contacted anyone for any help – like for blocking of my old sim, finding contact numbers, contacting colleagues. I realized how important it is to be good to everyone and maintain good relations – at work, in the neighbourhood. You never know who you need one day.

On a lighter note:

The benefit of technology. Today, we are constantly reminded of our addiction to technology and its perils. We are losing ‘human touch’, apparently. I don’t see how. I think, technology has only brought me closer to my friends and family members, who are scattered all over the globe. Had it not been for technology, I would never have sent wishes to my friends’ kids on their birthdays! I would not even know! So, what could be a better human touch than wishing your friends not just on their birthdays but sharing their little every day joys with them. Had it not been for technology, how could I find so many other means of contacting my friends, had one mean got cut off! We are busier today than what we were many years ago. It is not an era of writing letters and making phone calls. In today’s fast life, keeping in touch through tiny messages and gestures is good. It shows that you remember them. You remember small things about their lives despite you being so busy in trying to reach the front of the rat race. And wishing people’s kids on their birthdays is a LOT.


6 thoughts on “When I Lost My Sweetheart

  1. Indeed so. Technology has helped me to get in touch with old friends, and helps me to keep in touch. The importance increases when you are living alone in a town and u don’t have in friends thr 🙂
    Please consider going through my blog and my photography site.

    • Ya! We’d be fools not to leverage on technology.

      Yes, went through you photographs. Great ones, you have there. I can take inspiration from you!

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