Doing What You Love

I experienced the joy of ‘doing what I love’ last week when I voluntarily took responsibility of handling our company’s small library. Nobody assigned this task to me; I took it up on my own because I am passionate about reading, love being surrounded by books and book stores give me a feeling of exhilaration. Like most people, I actually dislike my job. The reasons for which I am still continuing are other than love / passion. So, this tiny collection of 28 books was a pleasing windy change. I have not read most of the books but I have read their synopsis and know what each book is about. So not only do I just issue books and maintain the register, I also tell people what each book is about and give suggestions depending on their interest / intellect level.

I feel appalled at the common reading habits of people that is, well, totally absent. Reading is a scarce trait today. Agreed, we are TOO busy today and are always falling short of time. But then, today is also the era of Ipads, Ipods, Kindles and Blackberrys. No excuse for not reading eBooks on them! Read books or eBooks in the train, in the bus, at the bus stop – opportunities are there. So, I try my best to encourage people to read. Whenever a person comes looking at the book collection, I very enthusiastically recommend books and tell them why they should read it. And once they leave, armed with a book, I sincerely hope they DO read it, understand and appreciate it and do justice to it.

I would never go out of the way to gain knowledge about my general job (which is Human Resources). I do just enough to get me through. I am not passionate enough to go digging in trying to know more. No. I have better things to do, I feel.

I have been complaining since long that I do not like my job, I do not like Corporate. I was told by many that everyone hates their job but still does it. Hobbies cannot become your main line. I do not agree. There is a very visible difference between anything done with and without passion. For example, I do not consider this library a job or a task or a responsibility. It’s something I love doing. I look forward to doing it. I want to do better in it.

Well, this is different than being in a rat race – trying to get noticed, trying to please your seniors, trying to prove that you are good enough to be promoted. All with little satisfaction in the end. This is NOT a struggle, a race. It is a pleasant journey. And the most important reward is the sense of fulfilment, satisfaction.

And so, it is very important to do what you really love and not waste your life complaining and feeling helpless about being stuck in something you do not like.


7 thoughts on “Doing What You Love

  1. We have a mini library too its called an ‘inspiration zone’ at work. But the genre of books is limited to self improvement. Personally though my two bookshelves library in my room ranges in every genre, you name it and i have it except paranormal romance, that doesn’t cut for me.

    • thanks. U won’t believe it. My Boss snubbed my enthusiasm in a day saying u r not paid to take care of a library. Its a lower end job fit for a trainee.. I was.. so upset !! I was left stuttering, no, i can handle it, i love books. but NO. Now how mean is that..

    • i totally agree. for most, its because they do not have guts to quit a steady corporate job and start something they really love. but u know what, most people fail even before they attempt. that is quite sad. one must try

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