The Day It Rained

I could not see a thing. There was a white haze all around me. I was not sure if I would reach home alive. All kinds of thoughts sped by in my mind. At times I realized I was not even breathing.

This was me driving through heavy rain 2 days back.

Night driving has the same effect on me. And night driving in the rain? I have no words to describe that feeling.

While I marvel myself at being a good driver, these unexpected rains caught me unaware. All the rejoicing that I was doing, just minutes before for the change in weather, vanished when I was driving into, what seemed to me then, nothing.

For once, I did not honk at the white i10 driving at the speed of 30 km / hr in front of me. In fact, I am quite thankful to it for ‘saving my life’. Had it not been for that car, I would have blanked out because of mere fear of driving into nothing.

And why wouldn’t I be delirious? In India, heavy rains mean unexpected pits, clogged water, animals on road, overflowing gutters, unpredictable motorcyclists and vehicles with no lights on. Any or all of it could have happened in that 25 minute drive.

Reaching home, by when rain had stopped, was no pleasing. The fallen trees and scattered clothes onto the road and trees indicated how stormy things must have been. Not to mention the power cut throughout the city. That was like the biggest blow. Here, I was, cheering that the weather was so beautiful (and that I was back home in one-piece) and there, no power.

For a while, I merely sat in my balcony (which was ornamented with muddy water and leaves) staring into oblivion. I looked at the old, worn out buildings in my neighbourhood and at the many people sitting in their balconies or by their windows doing the same (which, by the way, is something they do every other day). There was no music or internet to entertain me. I felt like I had gone back to Stone Age. Or, rural india. Monkeys (yes, Monkeys) jumping over the short buildings only added to the effect. I asked myself, how have I managed to get myself into this?

Power resumed at 9 pm (by then, my laptop battery had died down too). 2.5 hours after I reached back home. After which too, there was no internet. The storm had pretty much destroyed quite a bit. And the thought was repeated – Why am I back to Stone Age, cut off from the rest of the world??

And so, I decided to get myself a Smartphone without any further delay. I do not want to experience Stone Age again.

Every time I think of rain, I think of sitting in the balcony with a cup of Coffee Mocha and a book. That ideal image. But it somehow remains just glamour. Can never become reality. Either the rains have destroyed the cables so there is no power. So no coffee and no reading. Or, that beautiful weather comes when you are at work such that you are boxed in an office and cannot see anything expect your PC screen.

Life just isn’t fair.


One thought on “The Day It Rained

  1. Power Failure and pot holes is a common phenomena even in the so called most ‘developed’ cities..
    Look at the bright side of a cool weather that follows immediately and leave out the rest… perhaps that is the best way to take the rainy weather..

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