Summer Girl

I read Tiffani‘s post today on why summer is kick-ass. I couldn’t agree more, for different reasons though. If her reasons are outside grills, bathing suits and fireflies, my reasons are summer clothes, milk shakes and movies. If in a tropical country like India, you end up saying that you love Summer and not winter or monsoon, especially to a girl, they’ll think you are from another planet. Girls love rains. Rather, girls are supposed to love rains. And everyone loves winters. Because it is pleasant and not sultry and sweaty and still like it is in summer.

So why do I like summer? Mostly by a method of elimination. I do not like rain because of the mess it creates and I do not like winter because I am sooo vulnerable against the cold that it actually takes over my brain. And so, I love summer.

With rains approaching a few weeks ago, I decided to open my heart and mind to them. I will love the rains, I told myself. Like normal girls, who love rains and find them romantic and dreamy, I will also sit by my window, look at the falling rain and yearn for my Mr. Right or whatever.

It’s been raining since the last 3 days with spurts of stormy heavy rain, clogging roads and collapsing trees and I feel anything but dreamy. I feel scared, rather. Because I don’t know for how long my tiny car would be able to survive the deep collected water. I don’t know what I would do if insects come in from nowhere into my old, ground floor located house. And of course, it’s going to be a while till I can start wearing my stilettoes and other favourite shoes again. In just 3 days of cloudy weather (yes, I do agree it is beautiful but then, it’s dull too), I am yearning for the sun.

I guess there’s a reason why I was born in April. I am a Summer Girl.

I am sure it’s really nice to sit in your balcony or veranda and look at and listen to the falling rain. What if you need to go out? Rains in India are not like rains anywhere else. Here, because road sides are dusty, and not cemented; people share the roads with animals, rains can be really untidy. I cannot dream of going around anywhere on foot these days though that’s exactly what I feel like doing – get hold of my SLR and just go out.

One thing that goes well with the rains is coffee. I love hot coffee anytime anywhere (yes, even in summer). But rains compliment hot coffee so well. Add a dash of cinnamon or chocolate to it and you are transported to paradise!


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