The Dentist’s Chair

Dentists are another form of doctors. And yet, they have ended up being one of the most despised species of humans. Yes, they put an end to your troubles and ease your pain but well, the pain and discomfort that they actually cause over-powers the relief. Come to think of it, we go to a dentist with a problem but do we EVER come back pain-free and relieved? Nah. Anything they do to solve the problem actually creates more pain.

I sat in the waiting room of our dentist’s this morning quite comfortably. For a change, I did not feel those butterflies in my stomach. Nor was I anxious and sweaty waiting for my turn. It could have happened because I never got a chance to feel anxious – I was thrown out of bed, straight into the car and to the dentist’s. Where was the time to worry?

Oh, it’s just a regular check-up and clean-up trip, no big deal, isn’t it? I looked at the other people in the waiting room, whose eyes were glued to the Hindi soap playing on TV. No one looked stressed. I remembered our initial days at the dentist. When we were very young, we were brought to the dentist to get our about-to-fall teeth pulled off. ‘Your Papa will get ice cream for you if you sit quietly in this chair’, the fatty dentist uncle would exclaim every time. The pain, the tears, the metallic blood taste and the cotton thrust in our mouths – all for a fluffy Vadilal vanilla ice cream in the end.

For someone like me who cannot tolerate the tiniest of pain (even if it’s a fingernail chipping), getting braces done was a big thing. The dentist was the sulkiest person I had ever seen. That time I wasn’t mature enough to understand that you WILL be sulky if you have to look into people’s – all kinds of people’s mouths whole day. It’s not like decorating cup cakes, right?

After that braces affair ended, I was visiting a dentist today, after like, 5 or 6 years. Panic started seeping in when I heard wheezing noises from inside. How could I have forgotten the rush of air and water spray and the cold feel of sharp instruments in your mouth?

So this was really happening.

I was in the Dentist’s Chair finally. My coolness disappeared when the dentist put on her gloves and mask. Wait, even before that, when I saw the shiny, thin, sharp instruments lined up by the chair. I panicked when she pulled the backrest down. I let out a muffled shriek when her tool touched my gums accidently. And when it all ended, I darted out as fast as I could. Such that I forgot to pay and the attendant had to run after me to stop me. I was in no mood to look back at what I had managed to escape from.

It is another story that this visit has created another problem for me and I need to see a dentist again. Sigh. I guess, the Dentist Saga will continue a bit more.


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