De-cluttering & Fighting Procrastination

This weekend has been perfect. House cleaning, de-cluttering, catching up with friends, good food at a new restaurant, some reading, some writing and a good movie. As I warmed the left over Ginger Chilli Noodles and tidied up the house for the last leg of the day, I felt good. Really content. And by the time I was eating warm buttered Nutella toast, I was almost dancing around the house.

I was thiscontent.

I forgot all about the spoilt refrigerator, lizards in the house and the scheming boss I need to face tomorrow at work.

Nothing can be better than a relaxed andproductive weekend. I think I was happy because of all the pending work I completed in these one and a half days. A trip to the tailor & supermarket made, essentials purchased, new lenses ordered and the dusty table tops finally cleaned. This Saturday, I came back from work early and sprung into action. I almost gave in to the temptation of browsing the internet aimlessly but no. I attacked each task like those bugs hiding in various corners of the house and wiped them into non existence.

Procrastination is such a common habit and such an unhealthy one. I decided I am giving up this habit for good now. It would have been easy to give up on this weekend and spend it only in lazing around eating and watching movies, only to regret later on. I have learnt the hard way that loss of time is the biggest irrecoverable loss one can face. So, instead of piling up work and then feel lousy about myself, I tackled my to-do list and realized that it was no big deal, actually.

It is good to have a clutter-free environment – a clean home and a clean work area. It keeps your mind fresh and clear. Now this has been my biggest flaw. I have been used to collecting things and not using them enough later on. I do not throw the unnecessary stuff away because either they are in good condition or I am just emotionally attached to them, for no reason. And hence, clothes, food items, stationery and the like keep collecting. A few years back, I used to buy things impulsively and ultimately give them away to the maid. I am not in such a dire situation right now (could be because Daddy Dearest keeps a watch on my bank account. ‘What have you bought now, Miss’. ‘Petrol, Daddy’).

But I still have an overflowing cupboard. Clothes are everywhere. Half my life has been spent in folding clothes and putting them into correct piles. My parents are also struggling to get rid of a truckload full of brand new clothes that I no longer need at their home.

So when I still bought a few things this sale (for which I was condemned very strongly by my parents), I decided to give away some of the clothes that no longer fit me. It was so easy! I went through the numerous piles and took out the clothes that I could give away either to the maid or to my younger cousins. And indeed, I gave away some clothes and shoes to the maid and the carpenter for their family. Not only did this make them happy, it also made me feel good.

So, I learnt, procrastination is no good. Losing time is no good. You gotto do what you gotto do. No point ignoring tasks hoping they will take care of themselves! So why not just do it and reduce your stress. An easy way of finishing off pending work would be to reward yourself on completion of each task – with a movie, a phone call to a friend or music.

So are you on it?


One thought on “De-cluttering & Fighting Procrastination

  1. loss of time is the biggest irrecoverable loss one can face. How true is that! Pl encourage me also to attack my “To do” list before it goes to a “To Die” list

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