Why I Love Salman Khan

My love for Salman Khan goes back to when I discovered puppy love. It goes back to the days when internet was absent and magazines were the face of glamour world. It goes back to the days when magazine and newspaper cuttings were precious and kept hidden in school books for sly and shy peeking. It goes back to the time when Rs. 40 cinema tickets helped you come face to face with your Bollywood heartthrobs.

My collection of Salman Khan posters, cuttings and postcards, hidden below my mattress, created a hump in the mattress. I could sense the growing collection of precious pages underneath the mattress along with my growing obsession for the Khan in my heart. The kind of obsession that makes mothers of teenage daughters worry about their daughters’ ‘wrong intentions’.

So, all his movies – Judwa, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Biwi No 1, Hum Saath Saath Hai and all were seen with dreamy eyes, gleeful smiles and of course, love. I admit I was among those girls who shrieked with delight and jumped in their rickety cinema seats when Salman Khan, dressed in black, showed up unexpectedly in Sajanji Ghar Aaye song in KKHH.

But it was not puppy love. Or some silly infatuation. Almost 15 years after that teenage crush, my liking for Salman Khan hasn’t reduced. Though I would say the feeling is not obsessive, it definitely involves doe eyed stares, melting sensation and remorseful sighing in every kind of a movie – Ready, Bodyguard or Ek Tha Tiger. Openly proclaiming my love for him only makes me appear shallow. People, in social gatherings, say they admire only one Khan – Aamir Khan. I have been causing huge risk to my social stance by declaring my liking for Salman all around.

So, I had to watch Ek Tha Tiger. Nothing could stop me. Hollow or whatever, suspense or not, good locales or not, what mattered was it starred Salman Khan.

And I seriously think he and Katrina make a really good pair. The chemistry, the apparent protectiveness he has for her, he the tough guy she the Barbie doll thing, works a brilliant charm when they are together. I was told that Salman took objection to one of her costumes in Masha Allah song. Man, am I jealous! I really wish someone like Salman would tell me not to wear a certain revealing blouse or whatever. If any other guy tries telling me this, he can just go to hell but with Salman it’s something else altogether. It is love. Security. Comfort.

The black-buck thing or Ash beating allegations thing or drunken driving thing doesn’t perturb me (But then what does when you are blindly in love?). Salman’s star aura is unmatched (that explains why the guy gets beaten up when he asks Hero kaun hai picture ka, before Salman delivers the infamous Mujh par ek ehsaan karna mujh par koi ehsaan na karna dialogue, in Bodyguard title track. You CANNOT be ignorant about Salman’s star force). So when Bombay Times printed this picture of him on Page 1, I wanted to salute the person who thought of this line – Baaju hat, bhai aaya – nothing could have described Salman better.

He casts a strong message to public when he ALWAYS wears a Being Human tee in public appearances. He lets people guess why he has loyal friends and why he genuinely supports charities. He projects his strong belief system to the unhappy public when he so loyally, sturdily supports and promotes his friends.

So, call me shallow, call Salman ‘old’, he still looks drool-worthy in black tees and ripped jeans. He still makes many hearts beat faster. He is very much an undying shining star.


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Salman Khan

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  2. Glad to have bumped into you. I am a Salman khan myself. Maine Pyar kiya was the first movie that I ever liked in my life. I have been crazy about him ever since. As long as he is there, I dont mind watching any movie 🙂

    • Boy. Am i glad to bump into you. I don’t know why he is so unpopular. No comments on this post, see? No one even appreciates u if u support him. Argh!!

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